Sisyutyl Build Update- Now with More Pics!

By: itznu

Jul 01 2014

Category: boats

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Focal Length:3.52mm
These graceful curves were done without soaking or steaming. Once lashed in, they are incredibly strong. Each one weighs under half an ounce.

These weird endribs would have been a great way to control the overall shape. I made some small measurement errors and they weighed too much though, so these didn’t make it into the boat.


With only 5 stringers and both stems on, the boat is only about 16 lbs. I can control the overall shape very well with the for straps that the frame is currently suspended from.


During lashing, I was able to apply each incremental increase in force in a balanced and controlled way. Steering the frame shape this way, I was able to nudge out all jiggyness in the hullshape, and keep it from getting asymmetrical as it gets stronger.


these little holes in the stems let me lash the stringers on without adding any bumpyness or rub points in areas where I shouldn’t.


As the gluey trunnels are driven into blind holes in the stems, the hardwood wedges are pushed into the oak, expanding them inside the holes. It’s a nice way to avoid metals and holes in your boat frame.


before lashing, the shape was very imperfect. As I weave all the joints together, the shape and strength are gradually and nicely coming together. The process is fascinating. It seems like majic, that something so light could be so strong.

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