Sisyutl Build Update: Shaped right and proper for an evil war canoe

wpid-IMG_20140626_173900.jpg wpid-IMG_20140626_210053.jpg wpid-IMG_20140626_163611.jpg wpid-IMG_20140626_201931.jpg The weirdly sinister looking and dragon-like shape from the early designs keeps reasserting itself. I was able to force out the unwanted bit of rocker and I ripped all the stringers that were 2 feet short so that they form a pleasant laminate with thinner ends now. I splined and cut some nice end rib shapes with the jig-saw. The pine ones are good but the cedar I got is too cheesy and I feel like they are destined for the burn pile. My “low impact, sustainable lumber use” policy seems like no sacrifice at all when I spring for expensive lumber and it’s too weak to use. I decided to keep the 4 pine endshapes I have and bend some radically curved end ribs on the rack. The cuts were paperthin and the humidity was high today, so I only broke 4 ribs. 😛

I turned the frame over with minimal loss of measurements and started straightening the frame. The space between the ribs and stringers around centerline is a coxspan (a bio-metric measurement designed to make boatbuilding harder for the dishonest). Closer to the stems, I let the wood have it’s way more. I adjusted a little for more tracking and planar lift in the ends but mostly I let the natural curve of the wood make the hullshape pretty.

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