More build pics

By: itznu

Jun 19 2014

Category: boats

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Focal Length:3.52mm
special bevels come from a combination of looking at bent strakes and guessing by drawing the curves in the linesplan. Lines on paper bend nothing like wood though. Gotta leave flexibility in the design.




even without levels, measurements, or plumb centerlines, the eye can easily pick out anomalies in the pattern.

The Poops has a cold and the Wonderwoman has a lot of work hours. I’ve been a bit lax taking care of the building and yarden in hopes of making more boat time.  It’s been a little frustrating getting work time in on the boat. I’m actually working very efficiently in the hour or two here and there that I do get, but I’m painfully aware of how every minute spent on one project takes a minute away from some other project. ‘Gotta prioritize well then stop worryin about weather I did it right or not. I made beveled blocks for end ribs. I put the inwales on. The whole frame is held together with clamps right now. I’m going to carefully position and measure it all a bunch before I start lashin. There’s a little more rocker than I’d like, but I imagine it hogging a little with no twist in 5 years, eventually giving it the 1″ rise I’d intended. What, it could happen. Im impressed with the strength and weight of my materials so far. I could have easily gotten away with lighter stringers. I’m learning that using really good wood saves a lot of money and weight in the long run; also, it’s pretty and smells good. I’d love to try this with bamboo someday… or something with similar sustainability. Like if we grew giant hemp trees, how big and strong could we get the stalks, yathink? Willer wands? Sugarpines? But I digress. The point of this post is the pics: 

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