Sisyutyl build update: Giant Wooden Dinosaur Skeleton

By: itznu

Jun 16 2014

Category: boats, human life

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Focal Length:3.52mm

I’m going to ‘spline this as clearly as I can… I finished 70% of the ribs. The middle 10 feet of ribs all have the same shape because of the hull performance theories outlined in some of my previous canoe rants. The stems are looking very nice, although strange. I will have more to build on them soon, now that I have enough stringers on to spline the end rib shapes from.

I love this part of the build because with a little effort it looks like lots of progress has been made. This is totally different from making ribs, where lots of effort makes almost no visible progress. I like that bit too though, because looking at the rib shape is like looking at a linesplan. I can almost feel how the planes and bouyancy will act in the water.

Anyway, I clamped up a bunch of frame parts. My current concerns are that the beautiful hemlock stringers I made are a bit heavier than necessary, and there’s a size problem. I got them (graded, planed, sanded, old, tight grain) in various lengths. Most of the thin stringers for the shear were around 16’, but I had forgotten that Windsor, our specialty hardwoods place, measures by a different foot or something. 16 U.S. feet is about 14.5 Windsor feet. So I’m going to have to get weird/creative or make a 14 foot boat. I’m tired and happy. Many of my seemingly impossible design goals now seem within reach. Here’s some pics! :

with dog, all things are possible

A shape is emerging, and it is the right shape


Sometimes I carve with a belt sander. I make no apology. I’m at peace with it.


If I were making a kit, I’d be almost done. I’m only using my favorite ribs. This is the part where the designed hull shape becomes a reality.


this little cornerplane is awesome for hardwood stringers. You should totally get one and use it on everything.


We fine woodworkers call this thing a “trashbag” because it bares a striking resemblance to a trashbag. It catches 52% of planer sawdust. I can make you one for $39.95


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