Sisyutyl Boat Build Update: Smoki’n Ribs

By: itznu

Jun 15 2014

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Too many people talk about stuff without actually doing stuff. This post is part of the last two. It’s mostly pics. Enjoy:


The rib shapes for the middle 10 feet of the craft are very uniform. This means that my rib laminating rack is well made. It is a happy success.


The Okie-Rig Woodshaper… it works very well on ribs and stems. The harsh-grit sander is safer and easier than planers and drawknives, for most applications.


This boat should be named for mi esposa, on account of their lovely stems. There’s still a bit of shaping to do on these, but you can see my odd method for reconciling the grain weakness of the cedar here. the cross-grain laminate bits are red oak. The bumpers are poplar, same as the ribs.



I’ve seen rib splitting done with more dangerous tablesaw arrangements. Mine minimizes the chances of digital and testicular damage whilst also minimizing saw-width wood loss.



Not all the ribs are top quality. This is why I made 24 when I only needed 19. B-grade rib bits are used as deck and carlin pieces.

One comment on “Sisyutyl Boat Build Update: Smoki’n Ribs”

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