It’s boat time!

By: itznu

Jun 09 2014

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Focal Length:3.52mm

wpid-IMG_20140608_140243.jpg wpid-IMG_20140608_140308.jpgI have begun work on the Sisyutyl. I got some nice cedar for stems from Windsor  today. It’s great for weight but very weak along the grain. I’ve opted to make the stems quite burly. It will also make the shapes of the ends easier to make strong.


(Above) My boss taking a nap in the prototype


This thing worked great but soaking turned out to be a failed experiment


My Boss tests stringer strength as I lash up a new oak floor for the prototype


Boss fitting pegs


late-nite, life sized drafting for rib rack

The stuff I read about increased adhesion when using a water-setting glue on soaked wood was b.s. The soaked wood bent wonderfully, and was easy to set on the jig but even after 30 hrs, the layers wouldn’t laminate properly. It’s still possible that this “soak and laminate” method could be made to work, but not within a reasonable time frame. I was a little miffed about this but I felt much better after bending a bunch of center ribs by my old method. The shape has a flat section at the center, and at the ends. The un-natural, forced shape looks graceful and natural when it works right. The sharper bends are gonna be tricky as hell. My new table saw modifications make crazy thin rips a lot easier. I’m having a great time and making a lot of sawdust. I know it’s weird to start with the center ribs and do your wales last but I feel good about my methods and production system because the prototype Minehune2 still performs better than most boats in a wide range of conditions and weight displacements. This is after more than a year of hard use and unprotected, outdoor storage. Please enjoy these odd pics of some of beginning phases of work and youngest offspring . 919770_559134057442515_91268947_o

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