Seems like it happens an awful lot more than necessary, doesn’t it? Many people are way too unhappy to function. Some spend more than half their lives that way, and it messes them up so bad that even their happy moments are kinda messed up.
I’ve had some very rough years. I don’t think it would be fair to compare one person’s suffering to another’s but I can say that I learned some useful things in the years I spent trying to find a way around chronic depression, physical pain, and resulting dysfunctions of lifepath.
Usually, when a person is miserable for a very long time, forces of nature inside and outside the person provide opportunities for change and escape. We often miss these because of a bunch of influences that come along with unhappy lifepaths. Many seem like bottles of problem labeled as solutions; diseases labeled as medicines. Many seem harmless in themselves yet serve to keep people in a rut. A rut is a grave with the ends knocked out.
Here’s a few examples of said influences:

Legal and illegal drugs have myriad effects and effect people differently. There are a few constants though. No one ever functions (does what they wanna do) better on drugs than they can when they are not being effected by a drug. Addiction can make a person less capable of change. Frequent use can put a person in a state of binary reasoning, where they think of life as being between on the drug, or not on the drug. Normal human behaviors for controlling suffering, hunger, inactivity, etc. can get wrapped up into the view of oneself as high or not high. Normal functions become low priority. The person can become unclear, confused, even powerless.

Avoid worldviews and selfviews that are constructed by other people; especially those that depict you as weak, less than normal, or chronically in need of something that others may provide. People are all pretty much the same when facing this world. We need to be able to change our relationship to our world at any moment. Belief in an objective reality that can’t change makes people confused and incapable of self-direction.

No one is really above or below you. The only real authority is the kind that happens when one person knows how to do something that the group wants to do. We do this when we want to learn something or need a person to guide us through something that they know more about. Their authority derives from the consent of the other, who is receiving something of value in exchange. Authority cannot derive from any intrinsic quality of the person in charge. Absolute authority is a con. Racism, Classism, Royalty, Law, and even Government itself are con jobs. There is no real hierarchy or class. We sell children on an idea of age, or knowledge derived authority as a means to protect and teach them but even this authority is a fake thing at it’s core. When a person accepts the authority of another and stops considering their own view or choice, they become disempowered and lose some of their personal sovereignty and mutability, just like in the other examples.

I think that when someone is chronically unhappy, opportunities for escape WILL arise. If we all constantly question and avoid those things that take our personal power and our mutability away, we are less likely to miss those opportunities.
“God bless the depressed, for theirs is the kingdom of putrefaction, where all things wind up eventually” -John Frum

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