Sven Yrvind is awesome

If you’re wondering what really smart, brave people look like, look at this little Swede.

When I was 7, I wanted to be Steve Irwin when I grew up. Now that I’m 40, I think I’d like to be Sven Yrvind when I grow up. Check out his latest blog entry, serious, do it.  He’s a certified badass on many levels. One of the most impressive things about him, to me, is the kind of bravery he has when he wants to do something cool and isn’t quite prepared. He wasn’t a great sailor when he embarked on his early adventures. He didn’t have a lot of tools or money when he built his first boat. If he had started out as an expert sailor with a bunch of money, his stories wouldn’t be that impressive. In this Feb. 10th, 2014 entry about his planned (and delayed) circumnavigation of the world in a 10 foot boat, he talks about an altruistic side goal. With what he learns from his innovative designs and testing them on his voyage, he says he’d like to design a new kind of affordable, seaworthy sailboat. Can you imagine how awesome that would be, if damn near anyone with a few thousand bucks could cross the Atlantic or Pacific?

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