Eight Breaths Exercise

I’m really surprised how hard this is to find online. This crappy video I made for an old friend is probably the BEST GUIDE AVAILABLE ONLINE ANYWHERE! As I understand it, the meditation exercise of the micro-cosmic orbit is meant to exist in a dichotomy with the macrocosmic orbit exercise. The reason no one teaches it, is that it is a little complicated, unnecessary/not helpful for people without lots of preliminary work/progress, and I hear it can actually be a bit harmful if done wrong. Keeping the body loose and the mind vacant are good for any meditation exercise. Please feel free to post any questions, corrections, or OT criticisms below. 😀

One comment on “Eight Breaths Exercise”

  1. Oh here’s another good description of the exercise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UfaiOXv3tQ

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