The Aleut and Inuit designs I love so much may have parallels with my own ancestry.  

When rising, we observed volumes of azure water rushing from the ocean, and threatening to overwhelm our curach but she mounted the backs of each in succession, and seemed to laugh at their fury. When sliding off the apex of a wave into the azure valley below, she would appear to many but a shabby security against the mountains of water that roared to her destruction, but she glided so lightly over valley and mountain that she not only gave us no cause to fear, but admitted no water except the light spray of the surges, and so rapidly as to cross the wide mouth of Sheep Haven, a distance of three miles in thirty six minutes.” describes the action of my curragh-like skin-on-frame Cognac, “minnehune2”  on ocean waves very well. More soon. Sorry I’ve been busy with terrestrial constructions. ❤

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