Next Boat! “Sisyutyl”

By: itznu

Apr 18 2013

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sisyutyl resistance calculations902762_559134127442508_883059427_o919770_559134057442515_91268947_o922448_559133967442524_1814166367_oThis is the boat I have been dying to build since testing of the Minehune 2. I have an abundant flow of other projects so fantastic that boat stuff has regrettably been back burner for a long time. (see previous posts. I got a wife and a house and a baby!) This is like the 12′ Minehune2 in many ways. That one was the prototype that proved many of my ideas for hull design. It is pretty much the same design, but bigger. It has a flatter keelson and maintains a better length to width ratio with more stability. LOA is nearly 16′ so it won’t be hard to decrease tippyness while improving length to width ratio and maintaining the same tracking characteristics. Hull math from software like this is always a little iffy. Many factors are impossible to recreate and the software can’t think of everything, but it’s close to accurate on other designs. The stringers at the midsection will push the ribs out a bit and I’m still hoping to avoid crossmembers where people should go. I’ll post pics of construction. This pleases me.I took this pic between 9mile dam and the Spokane House. the fur traders weren't there today.

The Minehune2, pictured above, was made with all the fears, hopes, risks and self doubt of a new science. My neophyte engineering math and paddling intuition about how planes and displacements would “feel” in water told me the design would work way better than any storebought canoe. I kept doubting myself. I thought “Am I really smarter than the experienced designers who must be creating canoes for mass production? If my ideas will work like I think they will, why haven’t they already been done? What have I forgotten to consider in the calculations?” When it came to the moment of truth, the tiny boat performed even better than I thought. I didn’t think the hull bottom would do everything I wanted it to and also be stable when loaded down with 400lbs. on rolling waves. It does all those things. The Sisyutyl design is intended to perform the same but bigger, faster, and less tippy. If I can make it pretty, I’m gonna sell it for tools, then build some more. I have some ideas on sustainable lumber use that I would love to try if I had a shop or a roof to work under. Yep, I feel pretty good about this thing.

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  1. click on the pics! dooo eeeet. 6lbs. of resistance on the resistance chart represents max sustainable (sustainable for like 20 minutes if your old and lazy like me) effort for average paddler to go dang near 5knots. Slacking off and mindlessly slapping the water with one of my RLP12 paddles equals about 3.5lbs. of resistance.

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