“The Klu Klux Klan are bigots” say boycott organisers

The Klu Klux Klan, community leaders in America for over a hundred years, have drawn criticism lately for unfair policies toward homosexuals. Many long time faithful Klansmen have had their membership renewals denied this year. Allegedly, these denials are for no other reason than that these members are openly gay. “My entire family has been involved in the Klan for as long as anyone can remember.” says Hank Nolan, of Mississippi. He tearfully holds up a letter from the Grand Wizard’s office. “I never did nothin against my Klan brothers, I was bein’ considered for advancement.” Nolan was thrown out earlier this month without explanation. This was only 2 weeks after coming out at a Klan meeting.

Mississippi Grand Dragon Clevis Johnstown was somewhat apologetic without admitting fault on Wednesday. “When our membership numbers were down, we tended to overlook some things that could have been problems with applicants. Hell, in the civil rights days, we were takin’ anybody we could get. We learned a lot from the Rap Brown incident, and vowed to be more selective.” He stated publicly: “…now the Klan doesn’t have an anti-queer agenda(sic),[…] the Knights of the KKK is a private organization though so we have the right to deny membership to anyone.[…] (some members have) called us discriminators or just downright hateful. That ain’t fair. Our membership policies just mean that we are selective and private, not that we have somethin against homosexuals.”  The Grand Dragon’s public comments did nothing to soften the blow for many ex-clan members.

The controversy has led to a boycott of KFC, Carl’s Hamburgers, White’s Boots, Cholula Hot Sauce, and many other Klan businesses.

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