Sit Down and Shut Up

The great secret of how to “Sit Down and Shut Up” involves practice. Anything you do every day, you WILL get good at. When thoughts, internal dialogue, feelings, and strange odors inevitably arise, look to their source and impermanence, then get back to non-think. Sometimes I think of my brain as a muscle, and relax it into non-think just as I would get a muscle to relax. It also helps to close your eyes and look into nothing, and be in that nothing like you are nothing, like you stepped into it. Also earplugs, not sure why they help, but they do. Lastly, remember that if you try to sit down and shut up for an hour, and only 5 cumulative minutes were done right, that 5 minutes is fantastically awesome and will effect you positively forever.

I begin by thinking of the frase “Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chung tonight” then I go into a deep meditation of non-think until my consciousness beholds the root source of all things, or “the Way”. Its like religion with all the good stuff and none of the B.S. All “isms” have a tendency to lead us away from the goal, but an ism with a high utility to b.s. ratio can be helpful toward starting on that pathless pathway. The goal has been called a lot of confusing things like “immortality”, Kingdom of Heaven” and “Nirvana”. Words are like isms, useful at first but not forever. Avoid too many ideas and words, they only help to a point. Avoid complicated methods. True non-think is all you need. Keep your back straight though, and your breath low and body relaxed, Let the shoulders hang off the neck, keep your crown-point high. A pillow under your butt can keep the legs from falling asleep if you sit cross-legged. I’m sure a chair works fine too though. Let a slight smile appear on your face, it helps. Don’t be hard on yourself when you can’t stop internal dialogue, just relax and continue. Enjoy each second of your earthtime. 😀


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