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Sep 12 2012

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Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS

This is Wonderwoman and the goose (we call him that because he is a goose) with the RLP12 Cognac paddle. It works amazingly in a boat that tracks well and doesn’t drip. It’s drawback is that it is 12 feet long and becomes troublesome during car transport or paddling through brambles or trees. 

I’m making more paddles today! 😀  I’m still a bit confused at the design choices in manufactured paddles. Does anyone like small, cylindrical shafts? Don’t they roll off, or become un-intuitive to twist or scull with? Does ayone like feathered paddles, where the blades are twisted; why or why not?  Is a straight shaft really best? Where does muscle fatigue start and why?
If any of you kayakers and canoers could share what you like or don’t like about paddles you’ve tried or wished you could buy, I would love to hear it.

2 comments on “Paddles”

  1. Have ya ever tried the greenland or butterfly roll with a feathered paddle, is that even possible? How does sculling work? If you can’t roll well with your paddle, isn’t that incredibly dangerous?

  2. I did some research, and it looks to me like the only advantage of feathered paddles has to do with air resistance and catching wind. With huge, shovelcup modern paddles, air resistance could actually be an issue. Since I can’t find any kayakers who prefer a feathered paddle, I’m not going to make any. I met one once, but he had an adjustable paddle and was constantly changing it. The most popular opinion I’ve found among experienced sea kayakers has been that the greenland paddles are best, especially when you only carry one paddle. They seem short and thin to me but I’m not an experienced sea kayaker. I’ll post some pics when these paddles are done.

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