Whitecaps adventure in the Tums

By: itznu

Sep 11 2012

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Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S
I’d been promising the creatures (2 dogs and a goose) that I would take them somewhere fun. Also, it had been nearly a week since we’d got on the water and you know that is unhealthy for humans. I live with my brother in a weird 1908 house that is far too big. My brothers room is somewhere in the upper floors and I don’t see him quite as often as I’d like.
On 9/9/12 I tied the Adirondack (Cape Falcon Adirondack Guide Boat copy Prototype, 13’LOA 39″ Width) ad the previously mentioned Minehune2 on the car and headed out to the Tums with my very pregnant wife, my brother, the goose who thinks he’s a dog, Vidya the boatdog, and Bobblehead the pit who is terrified of boats.
It was the middle of the day, but it was ┬ádarkening and windy. The air was pleasantly cool and it wasn’t nearly as sunny as it has been lately. First pretty day since spring. It smelled like many hours of hard rain were coming but a nearby forestfire made the weather hard to read. We launched both boats from the strange rocky fishing beach in TumTum. My brother and Wonderwoman took the new boat. My brother weighs more than me and he’s not an experienced paddler, but he’s clever by nature and in pretty good shape. Wonderwoman has already been in some crazy marine adventures in the minehune 2 and mostly kicked back in the bow grinning. It’s a good boat for that. I took the dogs in the Adirondack. Bobblehead cried out to his canine god for mercy and deliverance, but was otherwise well behaved. We went west against the strengthening wind and waves, to out across from the diving rocks. Teenagers were laughing and jumping off into the lake. I looked out with the binoculars and was surprised to see the kids trying to cross the lake. When the rain started, they swam back to the diving cliffs. I wish I could give them boats. We found a spot to stop on the DNR land and we were just west of Vidya’s Island. It’s part of a small group of marshy islands I used to take my dog to a lot. Long story short, Trouble’s parents are from there. They died there, and many of his goose cousins still live there part of the year. We had some trouble getting through the lillies as the poor dogs swam and ran behind. We landed on the outside part of the island at 47.883282,-117.686406. And all the wild geese left. We hung out on the Island for a while. Trouble, the goose, liked the island a lot, but didn’t get to meet his kin there because of all the dogs and people. My brother tried out the Adirondack, but he was too tall for the already iffy rowing physics to work well. He slogged through the lillies with a canoe paddle and we got some good pics.
The weather started gettig ruff, the tiny ship was tossed… Whitecaps were rising up on the water and all the motorboats disappeared. The wind was blowing hard from the west and we had to cross it to get back to the truck. My brother and Wonderwoman did pretty well in the Minehune2. The hull takes a wave very gracefully. The Adirondack has oars ad a slightly longer hull so it’s quite a bit faster on flat water, but with the dogs and I sittig so close to center weight, the Adirondack kept weathercocking into the wind. When I managed to get the boat sideways to the waves, it was hard to get a purchase on the windward side when the waves were really low or really high. When I crashed into a whitecap a lot of spray came into the boat. This kind of thing makes me laugh like a madman. Vidya, the boatdog, looked at the clouds with stoic grace while Bobblehead blubbered like a baby. They both kept their weight centered though, which is fantastic. It would have been better if I could have convinced Vid to “lay for’d” but they did very well. The Adirondack is actually a really good boat too, It’s just not designed for dogs in whitecaps ad the wales are a bit lower than I’d like. The boat I designed and built reached the shore faster than I did in the famously well designed Adirondack built by a master craftsman. That made me happy. When we got to the beach, asian people on fast motorcycles were there, eating cucumbers. I love Tum Tum.

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