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Aug 28 2012

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Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS

I think we’re gonna run the Little Spokane River today. The weather is under 80 for the first time in a while.  I’m not sure how the shuttle is gonna work, we might try to hitch a ride or call someone. Getting the 13 year old to get up and walk around was part of this mission, and that part has failed, so we’re going to need other successes to compensate. My 18 year old is comi’n with. I’ve missed canoeing with her. We’re gonna get some quality time, and some cool pics. ❤

…Plese flats has fairly low flow. Its downriver from the dangerous bits (Devils Toenail on an airmat anyone?). There’s lots of pretty bits between there and 9mile dam, and we probably won’t have to worry about shuttling back to the car.

I wound up going down the Lower Spokane with Mya the first day (My old daughter), and then Little Spokane the next day with Kaya, (Teenage son). I highly recommend both trips for canoeing. Kayaks aren’t necessary for either trip, but if you do the little spokane, you’ll need 2 cars, cartoppin stuff in your boat, a bike lock, a ride..somethin like that.

The Lower Spokane is less known, less pretty, less wildlife, but It’s kinda cool and the flow is usually low enough that you can paddle back to the car. We put in at Plese Flats. To get there, just keep following that park road west past Spokane Rifle Club. It has a sign on the left (riverside of road). “Discovery Pass” is currently required, and there’s no overnight parking. Car looting is unlikely but possible here when it is warm out, so lock up. DO NOT PUT IN AT BOWL AND PITCHER! Between Bowl and Pitcher and Plese Flats, there are class 4-5 rapids. “Devil’s Toenail” requires a good raft, or well handled river kayaks. You still might die. Don’t canoe Devil’s Toenail, serious. Plese Flats to Nine Mile Dam is mellow flatwater most the year. Closer to Nine Mile Dam, there’s some cool geological formations. When flow is mellow at Plese Flats, the entire trip is possible even in the crappiest of canoes. Most the banks are populated, but reasonably quiet. Bull Trout, invasive Carp, Osprey, and Herons are common. Motorboat traffic is slim to none. We went in the middle of a warm summer day and saw no one else on the water at all. I wouldn’t get too close to the dam, prolly dangerous. I hear there’s a take-out down there, but it seems cooler to me to paddle back to the car. The put in at Plese is usually the highest flow, so if you can paddle upriver there, the entire trip will be slack. This is a good trip for inexperienced paddlers and flat-bottom manufactured canoes. It would be cool for a tiny sailboat too, as most the river is wide and deep here. Have a good time all the time.



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