Resistance Calc for Minihune2

If you look at these calculations, bear in mind that the average paddler generates about 7lbs of force for a while, then slacks off. I want it to go around 4.5kn, but that’s a lot to ask for a 12′ boat.


The COGNAC: This is the boat that should be on the market but isn’t. Between the fast kayaks that people use like canoes, and the big clumsy canoes that don’t see much use, there is a wide gulf. This design comes from my desire for a “Cognac”- somewhere between kayaks and canoes. Like a good canoe, it has a huge open space inside. This allows you to be versatile in what you bring. If you’ve ever packed a kayak for a camping trip with a person or dog, you know how hard this can be in a kayak. Like a good kayak, one person can comfortably sit at or below the waterline and make quick and easy travel through waves, boatwakes, and class 2 rapids. The boat should be light enough that the average person can wear it like a hat, carry it with one hand, or perhaps fly it like a kite. It must have good enough tracking to not zig-zag when a canoe paddle or double ended kayak paddle is used. The tracking must be loose enough to turn easily and negotiate small rivers. The freeboard must be high enough to not take on water in high winds, but low enough that those same winds can’t push it around. These design challenges seemed easy enough, but then my expert sea-kayak builder friend donated the skin. When I measured the nylon, it was 12’X4′. My design challenges got harder after this, because a 12′ boat that is fast and holds 2 people is a lot harder to manage than a 15′ boat that has the same design goals. LWL should be as close as possible to 12′. Max Beam at WL should allow for no less than 7/1 L/W ratio. How tippy will this feel? We shall see. -Itznu

2 comments on “HULL of the MINEHUNE2”

  1. The actual speeds (from a garmin gps), compared to the linked resistance graph tells me that the surface could be slicker, and that there are small differences in the wetted surface area between the actual boat and the digital model. As with most lightweight boats, the correct waterline for optimum speed, or weathercocking into waves, or optimum manueverability can be achieved by moving weight around in the boat. I am very glad that I don’t have crossmembers, because a single paddler without a bunch of cargo can move around and adjust. In a set up like this, this boat will take on waves, currents, riverbends, and speeds that are truly surprising.

  2. […] It got me thinking about math, rowing, and how to outfit  the slightly larger version of the Minehune2 Cognac/Currach I call Sisyutyl  with oars.  They can be inconvenient in tight spaces, and when […]

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