Theres been talk lately about the far right crazies gaining popularity in the political and media fronts. These right wing factions have expressed many opinions that seem outlandish and bizarre to myself and most people I know. Insults fly on the blogs: “are you really that stupid!?”, “How could this make sense to anyone?”, “Typical baseless argument tactic” etc.
less government oversight for big business, laws against abortion, laws against gayety, less social safteynet programs….REALLY? These things might not make sense from a legal or economic perspective, but if we think of the government as a parental, moral, religious authority, it’s concievable that one may think that the law is there to teach us peasants how to act. It’s also concievable that the rich and powerful are rich and powerful because they are better people, and therefore deserve to rule us.
I realise I may be way off on this, and it may sound like a “straw man” attack. But doesnt it make sense that the major disagreements in current U.S. politics come from radically different veiws on the purpose of government?
WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT? (no anarchist slogans,pls)

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