Thinkin about the Con: Could it be made useful or should it be fought off, resulting in chaos?

My ancient ancestors lost their lands and titles for supporting Robert The Bruce. Its an interesting history. A bunch of Bishops of Scotland had many good reasons for wanting their own country, and tried to set him up as the King of the entire northern half of that island, from Hadrian’s Wall up. The most interesting part of the history, to me, is the part where they talk about the true authority of Kingship. They argued that a King was a King because the people wanted it. Without the will of the populace, there can be no Kingship.

What is the true function of law and government? Historically, and ever since the people of Earth moved from hunter/gatherer societies, to agrarian city/states, government and religion have served as tools for a few people to live well off the resources of a larger group. As time went on, government has evolved and changed. By bringing larger numbers of people together, the nature of trade has also changed. Throughout these large social changes, ideologies and justifications have been proposed to make government more attractive to larger and larger groups of people. A large overclass cannot be sustained by an underclass that is less than 20 times as large, so they need a bigger consenting populace, if they are to grow and prosper indefinately. The most important advances to come from this have been the concepts of government by consent, law to serve the greatest number possible, equality under law, and a system of resource allocation that mercifully sustains those that can’t take care of their own survival needs within the construct.

Throughout all these changes, there has always been an overclass. Since the beginning of agrigulture and human society that is tied to a single place, there has always been a group of people who can prosper lavishly without contributing anything usefull to the larger groups that serve them. Within the justifications for their power structure, and the ideas proposed by the parasite to attract a larger host population, we have ideas that can form a true functional government. What if the justifications that the UberClasses give the UnderClasses as the purpose of government were the true aims and goals of all governments?

A functional government is one that serves the survival and prosperity needs of the maximum percentage of the populace. Systems that tried this in earnest have failed because they naively depended on each individual’s will to serve the needs of the whole above the needs of the individual. Given the opportunity, most of us would choose to take a larger share, and leave all others with less. This human tendency is the foundation of theivery, not the foundation of prosperity in a functional society. When individuals realize they are being robbed of the prosperity that their work and innovation creates by an UberClass, and that government is the tool that the UberClass uses to funnel goods and resources to itself, they inevitably must ask if they are better off with, or without their current government. They wonder what alternatives exist, and what functions government can be made to serve.

One of the most important developments in the history of Cons is the separation of the Government Con from the Religion Con. Midieval European history is full of good examples of the horrors that can result from a Religious body having great political control. Our current history is full of good examples of the horrors that can result from too much political control in the hands of Financial bodies.

If we consider a System of Law that benefits the Greatest Number of People within that government’s populace to be an expression of the greatest function of government, an important truth becomes evident: governments performed this function better when separated from Religion, and could perform its function better still if separated from business and finance. If we look at the way Religious power was divided from Government power, we can learn how the separation of finance and government might work.

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