In the waiting room

By: itznu

Feb 29 2012

Category: Uncategorized


The waiting room herein, NorthWestOrthopedicThing

So bright it seems dark, so closely it seems desolate

There’s an old tv playing a Matlock Marathon

There is free coffee that seems so good because Its

forbidden.Something about the anesthesia

and my vomiting

Insurance and balm, orders for their balmy odors

It’s better to die, in a wood than a hospital

People only go to hospitals so not to die

I hope to be an atypical Case who crawls in

to a big Revival Tent and skips out singing hymns

to some old God but

Waiting rooms are for Waiting and not for Revivals

This aint no coffee house, and the pathos here is real

The pain here is true and immediately painful

With golf magazines, And no one looks at each other

People come and go. People come to places like this

To become feebled.

2 comments on “In the waiting room”

  1. Wow. That’s harsh, but I dig it.

    • Oh, that’s that place you gave me a ride from. Thanks again. They do injections and x-rays at the same time. That way the electromagnetic radiation is conducted by the needle. Nasty bit of business, that. The micro-current docs are polar opposite. They try to sell ya books on holistic gardening, but they’re so sweet I don’t mind. I would hang out in that waiting room for fun. They gots free herbal tea, and organic bottled water.

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