Mawage is that fing which bwings us toogeva tooday

My divorce is official today. The Ex, the Ex Parte Court Commissioner, The State Prosecuter, and the Court clerk were all kind and helpful. I’m feeling a lot less hateful and fearful toward the world than I once was. Still not sure about this marriage thing though.
See, I’ve been with this wonderful woman over a year now, feels like a life partner, that’s awesome. I’d totally marry the crap out of her. I wonder what its about in our culture though.
In my idealistic view, marriage is like a public declaration of intent. You are deeply in love, sure about long-term pairing, and you’re all happy about it and want to let everyone know. Maybe throw a party, with kids and old people, and everyones’ dogs. Maybe you wanna jump the broom and get some kind of consensus on your coupling choice.
-But where I live, marriage is a legal contract with religious overtones, between two heterosexuals of opposite gender…hmmm. That kind of makes it look like its about something else. Maybe marriage is really a stamp of approval from church and state for breeding. If many homosexuals are in love, want to be paired, and are good business partners; and church or state says no, that tells me that marriage isn’t about love, pairing, or even business partnership.

The fair institution of Marriage is cheapened and deligitimized when the queers are excluded.

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