Natural econ4

In the economy of nature,nothing is wasted yet there is continual sustainable growth. Local demands and surplusses still happen. Food,water,and shelter is generally available to however many creatures the ecosystem can sustain with roughly the same certainty that manmade systems can furnish. Social behaviors of complex organisms add an extra layer that can help or hinder the processes by which the needs of all may be met or withdrawn.

Should human beings try and figure it out,or just keep finding new ways to take each others stuff?

The economy of nature is the real underlying economy. It supplies all raw resources,sustenance,land,even life itself;and by extension,the needs that drive human economies.

If human economies and the economy of nature are antagonistic, one will perish in time. It aint hard to guess which one.

So before we try to solve a problem by purchasing a good or service, we owe it to ourselves to look around and think a bit. This is how stone age man feasted on herring while pliestecene megafauna was starving from climate change. 99% of the history is unknown. The oldest rock tools that we find are often disposable practical items not found in any store.

If we build overlying systems on top of the economies of nature, they need to be designed to bring improvement to all involved or our conditions will be no better than stone age man had.